organizational workshops

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Top Form Psych simplifies the information process by delivering presentations and workshops with the intent to educate and empower stakeholders by getting the most from the athletes they work with.

Top Form Psych will make educational opportunities available to parents, coaches, teams, athletic departments and staff. We provide workshops around several topics including but not limited to:
-      Positive communication strategies
-      Mental Health
-      Goal setting
-      Managing losses and organizational setbacks
-      Effective Leadership development
-      Stress and Performance Anxiety Management

Coaches and parents often find themselves in increasingly growing roles as it pertains to athletes and sport. It is important to understand that filling many roles in the life of an athlete is not always in the best interest of the athlete. These sessions/workshops are manufactured to create awareness of the many different viewpoints, strategies, and principles that surround competition, athletes, and other participants.

Sport & Performance Therapy

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This service is for individuals who are looking to work with a skilled sport psychologist for sport and performance related therapy.

These individual Sport Psychology Sessions provide a conducive space to talk with our sport psychologist about various relative mental skills for sport performance, mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression), general life challenges, and overall well-being. Sessions typically last about 45 minutes but can be shorter or longer upon need.

Sport and Performance therapy is geared toward helping individual athletes or performers develop a growth mindset and progress towards overall wellbeing while maintaining performance goals and initiatives. Athletes often find themselves under various pressure from life on and off the playing field. Top Form Psychology prides itself on serving the sport and performance population in coping with these pressures and fortifying a mindset that is capable of overcoming obstacles.  

Whether it be one's mental health, specific goals, certain challenges, or a simple interest in being the best version of yourself, Top Form Psych is here to guide you in becoming the best athlete, performer, teammate, coach, and person you can be.

team sessions

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Team sessions are an engaging group service provided to build an effective culture, enhance team cohesion, promote collective goal setting, and build mental acuity for performance.
All sessions are adapted to fit the needs of each team, its athletes, and staff.

Top Form Psychology is here to facilitate awareness around team roles and assist in the development of diverse skills that will allow teams to adopt an effective team ethos. Each session will be tailored to the specific needs and style of the team.

Services may include team building activities, leadership development, informational presentations, consultations with coaches, mental skill assessments and workshops.

A skilled and objective professional is often needed to decipher difficult team dynamics. Those may include:
-      Developing trust
-      Improving communication
-      Reducing conflict
-      Cultivating leadership
-      Maintaining confidence through losses
-      Unlocking capabilities with mental skills training

CMPC mentorship

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Top Form Psychology offers the opportunity for Certified Mental Performance Coach mentorship hours to developing professionals in the field of Applied Sport Psychology.

Those individuals seeking CMPC certification will have mentorship provided by our Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Approved Sport Psychologist, Dr. Marissa Norman. The intent of this opportunity is to improve and expand the working knowledge of the mentee while they earn hours towards obtaining their own CMPC certification.

Mentorship experiences will be dependent on the mentee's experiences, competencies, and personal goals. Our commitment is to create an enriching experience with a high degree of compatibility between mentor and mentee.

Interested in this opportunity?
Please contact Dr. Marissa Norman directly at

Mental skills training

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This service is intended for individuals looking to improve their mental performance and approach as an edge to their existing skillset or as support to build mental resilience.

There are many advantages to working with a trained and certified mental performance coach. Regardless of the sport, one's mental game may either assist or hinder one's physical performance. With the help of a mental coach, athletes can learn to enhance their mental game and get the most of themselves within their performance.  

For the first session, you will work with your mental coach to identify personal goals and needs. After assessing and classifying mental strengths and growing edges, you will work alongside the mental coach to develop a personal blueprint moving you towards your goals.

Common mental skills training topics include but are not limited to:
-      Energy Management
-      Confidence Building
-      Activation Skills
-      Growth Mindset
-      Imagery
-      Relaxation Skills


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