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Our Approach to Therapy

Top Form Psychology was predicated on the reality that our identities, life experiences, and biological makeup help form the way we feel, think, AND perform. Our experiences have a significant influence on how we feel and how we maneuver in different settings and communities. The importance of these congregating influences on mental health is often overshadowed or looked upon as a frailty. Top Form is the transference of healthy mental fitness into overall well-being and optimal performance.

Mental Toughness

Develop resilience, focus, and determination to cope with pressure, setbacks, and challenges more effectively.

Performance Enhancement

Learn techniques to optimize performance, such as goal setting, imagery, and arousal regulation, leading to improved consistency and execution.

Injury Recovery

Aid in the psychological rehabilitation of athletes following injuries, facilitate a smoother recovery process, reduce the risk of re-injury, and enhance confidence to return to sport.

Team Cohesion

Promote positive communication, trust, and collaboration within sports teams, fostering a supportive and unified environment that can enhance performance and overall team dynamics.

Stress Management

Learn coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and competitive pressure, which can positively impact performance and overall well-being.

Personal Development

Support in developing self-awareness, confidence, and emotional regulation, contributing to overall personal growth both in and outside of sports.

Sport Psych Stats

Here are some general statistics on sport psychology therapy:


Elite athletes experiencing mental health challenges. [Rice, S. M., Purcell, R., & De Silva, S. (2016)]


Athletes experiencing symptoms of burnout during their career. [T. D., & Smith, A. L. (2004)]


NCAA athletes that feel comfortable seeking support from a licensed mental health provider on campus. [Radford, C. ncaa.org. (2023)]


Athletes experiencing psychological distress during injury rehabilitation. [Brewer, B. W., & Petrie, T. A. (2014)]

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