Sha'Carri Richardson - Track & Field, U.S.A.

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In the world of sports, some athletes possess exceptional talent, determination, and a relentless drive to succeed. Sha'Carri Richardson is one of those people. With her remarkable speed and unyielding spirit, Richardson has risen to prominence, recently earning the title of Track and Field World Champion.

Richardson's journey to becoming a world champion began with her early exposure to athletics. She discovered her passion for sprinting at a young age in Dallas, Texas where she hails from. Richardson's natural talent and dedication soon became evident as her star began to rise. She set numerous records, and won multiple state championships in high school. Richardson later attended Louisiana State University and set two under-20 records as a freshman.

A year later, Richardson entered the 2020 Olympics where she won her trial event race; but her ascent to the top was not without hurdles. She faced a setback when she tested positive for a banned substance, resulting in her suspension from the Tokyo Olympics. Despite the disappointment, Richardson displayed remarkable resilience and chose to use the setback as motivation to come back stronger than ever.

Following her suspension, Sha'Carri Richardson returned to the track with a last place finish at the Prefontaine Classic in 2021. In an interview following the race, she held her head high and urged people not to count her out.

At the World Championships held this month in Budapest, Hungary, Richardson showcased her unwavering determination, incredible speed and unmatched athleticism, leaving the world in awe. Richardson dominated the competition and her electrifying performances have earned her the titles of Track and Field World Champion and Fastest Woman in the World.

I’m not worried about the world anymore. I’ve seen the world be my friend. I’ve seen the world turn on me. Now it’s my time to actually do it for myself. And the people that felt like me, the people that look like me, and the people that know their truth about themselves as well… I represent those people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Sha'Carri Richardson

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