Damar Hamlin - Safety, Buffalo Bills

Here is our TOP perFORMer of January 2023

In a story that has made headlines around the world and has shaken the core of American football culture for many, our protagonist is a healthy 24-year-old professional athlete named Damar Hamlin. Damar has played two years in the National Football League as a Safety for the Buffalo Bills. 

On January 2, 2023, Damar’s team competed in what would probably be the most important professional game of his career - a Monday night football game with playoff implications on prime-time television for the world to see. 

Early on in the contest, and much to everyone’s dismay, Damar went into cardiac arrest on the field of play following a seemingly routine tackle. Medical personnel then quickly rushed onto the field to administer CPR and AED. Eventually, Damar was able to be transported to a hospital where he recovered and was released nine days later.

NBC Health News reported:

While there are several potential causes for Hamlin's cardiac arrest, cardiologists suggested that a rare phenomenon called "commotio cordis" was to blame.
In such cases, "there is nothing wrong with the heart," said Dr. Hari Tandri, the director of the cardiac arrhythmia program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. A healthy heart, when hit with blunt force at a specific time, Tandri said, can launch into an abnormal and potentially deadly rhythm.

There are no bounds to the danger of sport, nor is there a perfect fitness level that can shield someone from it completely. This is a fact that must resonate with every athlete, parent, coach, etc. as they participate in the sport they love. However, one thing we can appreciate now, and at all times is the life and camaraderie that sport does give us. Damar Hamlin helped America and countries alike come together in humility and peace to celebrate life. 

Beyond football is a human… a human that shows the same passion and vigor for life as he does on the playing field for his team. A person who when asked about his near-death experience said that he was thankful that it provided him an opportunity to give back to children and families given the donations towards his cause. 

In support and acknowledgment of his bravery and unshakable positivity, Top Form Psychology honors Damar Hamlin as our TOP perFORMer of the month. #Unity #LoveForDamar  

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