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Top Form Psychology emerged from the experiences of a former DI Track & Field and DI Football Athlete that went on to become a Doctor of Sport Psychology and Sport Management Scholar, respectively. In continuation, Top Form Psych will always base its knowledge and expertise from the lens of sport and performance populations. A constant immersion in sport and performance culture allows Top Form to learn and adapt themes coherently while providing unique services to the population.

Top Form Psychology was predicated on the reality that our identities, life experiences, and biological makeup help form the way we feel, think, AND perform. Our experiences have a significant influence on how we feel and how we maneuver in different settings and communities. The importance of these congregating influences on mental health is often overshadowed or looked upon as a frailty. Top Form is the transference of healthy mental fitness into overall well-being and optimal performance.  

Top Form Psychology contradicts the traditional tabula rasa or "blank canvas" philosophy in epistemology and psychology. In therapy, this refers to either the idea that all humans are born with the ability to become anyone or anything (discrediting heredity and biology), or, it refers to the technique some therapists still use to avoid sharing  information about themselves in an effort to allow clients to project ideas and beliefs onto them. Rather than remaining distant and withholding personal information, Top Form Psychology believes in establishing a genuine connection with clients. By sharing personal experiences and perspectives, therapists can create a more collaborative and empathetic environment for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings. This approach can lead to a deeper level of understanding and trust between therapist and client, ultimately promoting more effective and meaningful therapy outcomes.

As athletes and performers, we spend countless hours trying to perfect our craft; however, without focus on wellbeing and mental fitness, one is restricted to moving towards their top form. We help individuals overcome mental hurdles, better their overall game, and achieve wellness.
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